Tattoos, Sore Loser Studio, Piercing, Services
Tattoos, Sore Loser Studio, Piercing, Services

 We will provide you with...

  • A friendly, clean, and fun studio.

  • Advice from our knowledgeable staff.

  • Clean and safe practices.

  • Experienced artists and piercer.

  • Custom tattoo designs.

  • High quality jewelry.


At Sore Loser Studio, we offer both Body Piercing and Tattoos. Our number one priority is sanitation, we want to be sure all our clients are leaving with a happy mind and a healthy body. 

Our artist can create a custom piece made just for you, or you can bring in your own design and work with your artist to make the perfect tattoo. 

We have a magnificent selection of implant grade only jewelry from some of the leading body jewelry manufacturers. Our jewelry specialists will be able to answer any questions you may have, and guide you through the entire process. 

Consent Form for minors

Under the age of 18? 

We require our consent form to be notarized before any procedure to be done on anyone person under the age of  18. 

*There are piercings, tattoos, and tattoo placements that will NOT be preformed on minors under any circumstances. Please contact us for further questions. 

You can download our consent form here.

  • The consent form has to be notarized. 

  • Valid form of ID of Parent or Guardian. 

  • Valid form of ID of client under the age of 18. (School ID, Government ID, Passport)

  • If last names are different will need documentation that proves legal parent or guardian relationship to child. (Birth certificate, Guardianship papers, proof of name change)